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Modelisation by STA Architectes


Client :





Private client

Befey (France)

Construction of a bioclimatic house

210 m²


1 Entrance

2 Hall

3 Living room and kitchen

4 Scullery

5 Storage

6 Bedrooms

7 Toilets

8 Bathroom

9 Master bedroom

10 Dressing

11 Terrace

12 Swimming pool

Garden level

The objective of the project is to have a minimal physical footprint on the environment while preserving the views of the forest from the street and the slope of the land. The North facade is protected while the South facade allows you to follow the path of the sun.

We have chosen to design a single-storey house, built with natural and local materials. A large part of this bioclimatic, discreet and economical house is the result of self-construction.

Also, the green roof which ensures the pre-existing green continuity also allows maximum insulation. Collected rainwater is treated on site and the house benefits from a mixed wood/pellet stove, a double flx VMC, solar panels and dry toilets.

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