About us

Photography: Olivier Remera

2019 - Creation of MTA Architects by Toso Mélodie.

2020 - Creation of QSA by Quentin Sevestre.

2021 - Quentin Sevestre joins MTA Architects, the office changes its name and becomes STA.

STA Architectes sàrl is a Luxembourg architectural firm, located in Esch-Belval.

We seek to implement with the client a unique and tailor-made project in listening and respect for his personality, his needs and respectful of the environment. Through this partnership and the pedagogy that is set up around it, an architecture is born that is both sensitive and rigorous, around natural materials sublimated by light.

Above all, we create stories and atmospheres. People are at the center of our thinking.

Our mission is above all to offer personalized and adequate support to our clients for each stage of their projects. We work for our clients on projects of different sizes.

There are many fields of action, ranging from simple advice to complete renovation, new construction, interior design, the creation of furniture, housing, exterior fittings, public buildings, etc.

Mélodie TOSO


Born in 1988 nationality FR 

Architect Dilpl. ENSAN (FR) 2012




Born in 1988 nationality FR 

Architect Dilpl. ULG (BE) 2013


Sebastien DEBRAS


Born 1994 nationality BE 

Architect Dipl. ULG (BE) 2020