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Photography & modelisation by STA Architectes

Client :





Private client

Saint-Hubert (France)

Construction of a bioclimatic house

145 m²



Garden level


Ground floor

The objective of the project is to have a minimal physical footprint on the environment in order to be able to take full advantage of it. Indeed, the will of the Project Owner is to plunge into the heart of nature by benefiting from an area of ​​89 acres.

The site has a steep slope which we take advantage of. The house is partly buried, which makes it possible to fulfill an imperative of the Contracting Authority: to be able to leave the house and be directly on the ground. The living rooms are in direct contact with the outside on the ground floor. The northern part, buried, ideally accommodates storage rooms, circulation and techniques. Upstairs, bedrooms and a shower room open onto the forest.

The house is completely open to the South, in order to provide maximum brightness to be able to live by following the course of the sun, summer and winter. This bias is also ecological, capturing a maximum of calories from the sun.

Protecting yourself from the North is also relevant. The insulated façade is blind: it protects against cold, humidity, wind and street noise. Dense vegetation acting as a buffer is placed in front of this façade. It makes it possible to accentuate the plant continuity between the land, the building and the forest.

Finally, the house is small and compact, in order to use the least surface area and to have a discreet house from the street and economical in energy, while being largely open to nature to the South. It is a bioclimatic house, built with natural and local materials, thanks to the employment of local companies. Earthworks are reused as much as possible on the ground for the creation of embankments and embankments. The wood wool-type mineral wool insulation, the absence of thermal bridges, the green roof and the triple-glazed frames provide maximum insulation. Rainwater is collected and stored via two underground cisterns. Wastewater treatment is done by lagooning in the field. Wood/pellet stove, VMC double flow, solar panels and dry toilets complete the set, in order to have a minimal ecological footprint.

1 Entrance hall

2 Living room

3 Kitchen

4 Bedroom

5 Bathroom

6 Storage

7 Office

8 Bedroom

9 Bathroom

10 Bedroom with dressing

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