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Modelisation by STA Architectes


Client :





Private client

Villerupt (France)

Transformation of a real estate complex

x m²


This project consists of the development of old old workshops / workers' housing / garages in 4 duplexes in the industrial style.

It is therefore a question of renovating old workshops on the ground floor and R+1 into 4 single-oriented dwellings.

The projected version has a reduced footprint of ±24m² and the three buildings that make up the building complex are composed in the same way, by a vertical separation.
The building is therefore divided in two, the upper part has housing accessible from the street at the top of the residence, and the lower part of the old workshops, some of which have been converted into garages. The idea is therefore to arrange these spaces in the lower part as accommodation.


The semi-buried workshops accessible at the level of the common courtyard are for the most part in a state of disrepair: major works
sealing are to be expected. The facade will also be renovated with a shade close to the initial color and, always with the aim of bringing in more natural light, the openings are restored to their original state, respecting the initial frame.
The joinery has all been changed and is now anthracite in color to recall the industrial style of the original building.

The courtyard has 8 parking spaces: 2 per unit.

1 Living room

2 Kitchen

3 Bathroom

4 Living room

5 Kitchen

6 Cellar

Ground floor

Floor 1

7 / 8 / 9 Bedrooms

10 Bathroom

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