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Modelisation by STA Architectes

Client :





Private client

Metz (France)

Extension of a single-family house

40 m²



This project proposes an extension of the main house. Located on the lateral limit, it has a floor area of ​​less than 20 m², making it possible to offer nearly 40m² of living space on two additional levels, i.e. two new rooms.

At first glance, this new construction contrasts aesthetically with the existing one. Set back from the front facade and the street, access to the entrance is via the staircase leading to the living space. This new entrance hall is largely glazed, like the rear facade completely open to the garden. The facade of the floor on the street side offers a double skin filtering the views from the public space and preserving the privacy of the occupants. The ground floor is free, guaranteeing access to the rear garden from the street.

The contemporary facades are covered with bronze metal, some parts will be thermo-cut in order to offer a second reading to the whole. The general volumetry is intended to be raw and clear, contrasting with the existing one. A subtle dialogue is nevertheless created between the two buildings.

The passage to the garden is covered with honey-coloured cladding, in order to create visual continuity with the existing base in Jaumont stone. The cubic shape of the whole ends in the upper part with a hollow joint in the cladding panels, allowing to create a visual link and a reinterpretation of the existing imposing cornice. The blind facade on the adjoining boundary is made up of a sandblasted glass opening to bring light in both directions, and partly thermo-cut cladding to enliven the facade. The construction is light and thin in order to guarantee an aesthetically fair rendering to the whole. A timber frame construction is preferred to ensure finesse of construction, speed of execution and efficient insulation.



Ground floor


Floor 1

1 Kitchen

2 Extension

3 / 4 / 5 Bedrooms

6 Bathroom

7 Extension

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