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Photography by 1111photography / Henri Colette

Client :





Private client

Luxembourg ville

Office layout with custom furniture



For this office redevelopment project for the head office of a daycare / crèche company, the challenge was to treat the existing building with a strong rural character, moreover, with the recent development of the company, the premises weren't suitable anymore, a redevelopment had to be considered, and in the context of a new expansion to come, the project had to be flexible.

The head office needed soon to welcome new employees, distinguish the different departments, but also develop the company and have representative spaces. The program was therefore split in two, the public / work spaces on one side, and the management spaces on the other.

In order not to compete with the dressed stone walls and concrete slabs already present. The new design offers large, clear and white workspaces, with clean lines.

Open-spaces, small offices are designed to be modular and are distributed by a large circulation area where many relaxation areas have been added.

The executive spaces, on the contrary, are the subject of a particularly remarkable and easily recognizable treatment.

As the name of the company suggests a nest, the idea was to distinguish this part of the program by the use of warm natural elements reminiscent of a tree house.


The use of these materials with a strong character is opposed to the sobriety of the rest of the program but responds perfectly to the building in which it is integrated.

The main meeting room was the focal point of the program and required a table that could accommodate up to 20 people. The table was therefore designed and made to measure with a metallic structure 6.50 m long and stone slabs.

The new spaces also had to reflect the image of the company: dynamic, young and friendly. Thus spaces for game evenings, table football competition, gym and spa have been added to the program and are available to the employee.

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